Friday, February 15, 2008

Step up to a larger collective pitch heli than the Honey Bee CP2 or King II with the Belt CP. The Belt CP has a belt-driven tail rotor for smooth, vibration free tail control. The Belt CP is the new range developed by Esky. This is a RC helicopter with a small budget and a massive bite. It has been developed to rival the Trex in terms of capablilites and the Falcon 3D in price.

Esky RC Helicopters based in USA

Cheapest place to buy esky rc helicopters shipped from the United States!

Walkera has a new small rc helicopters! Very neat

This is the latest 2008 Super Mini Walkera 4#3 Helicopter, Ready to Fly! It is mini with only 185mm in overall length and only 3g in servo weight. With compact 90 degree swashhplate structure, the servo and other parts are easy to install. The circuitry is integrated with Receiver, ESC, Gyro and Mix with high sensitivity in receiving and strong interference immunity. Equipped with 4CH telecontroller and marked electricity indication function, you can avoid the crash caused by lack of telecontroller electricity and let you fly at ease.

The EsKy Dauphin rc helicopter has been designed with an authentic scale appearance. It's finely crafted and highly detailed fuselage features a realistic ducted tail rotor and coloured indicator lights are installed on the top of the canopy, which flash continuously in flight. The tricycle undercarriage with retractable style wheel design will add to the enjoyment of flying this superb micro electric helicopter. ESky original FlightSIM cable (EK2-0900A) is included in the packing, installing the FMS software on the disc, and connecting the simulator port at the back of the transmitter to the computer's USB, you can then enjoy almost real flighting experience on your PC or laptop as well as to practice your flying skills.

Exceed-RC Blazing Star Counter-Rotating Remote Control Helicopter

2008 Newest Exceed-RC Blazing Star is powerful, flies longer and has better servo resolution for more precision flying indoors and outdoors. The helicopter is easy to fly and spot landing on the kitchen table or other platform presents an entertaining challenge. You will also be impressed with its stability! Best of all, this helicopter comes with free metal and aluminum upgrades! If this is your first rc helicopter, you won't be disappointed! You can buy one at for about $129.95